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LPG Series High-speed Centrifuge Atomizing …
SGP Series of Three-Spray
ZLPG Series Spray For Chinese Traditional M…
LZG Series Centrifugal Spray Granulation Dr…
YPG Series Pressure Atomizing (Granulating)…
PPG series Stratospheric Spray Dryer
BPG Series closed loop spray dryer
WPG Series Horizontal Spray Dryer
XSG Series Rotating Drier

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Wu Xi City Neng Da Drying Equipment co;Ltd is a joint-system enterprise dedicated to and energy-saving equipent.Based on the importation,digestion and absorption of advanced foreign technology,it aiso attaches much importance to close cooperation with several national researchacademies and institutes .Emphasis on technological progress and continuous innovation,it achieves human-computer interface by adopting CAD design.It has advanced mechanical process technolngy,complete detection and complete device and sound quality assurance system.
Our equipment has been widely used in pharmacy, foodstuff , chemical.....

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LPG Series High-speed Centrifuge Atomizing Drier
Descriptions: LPG series high-speed centrifugel atomizing dryer spray …
SGP Series of Three-Spray
Descriptions: SPG series multistage drier to some material,it is always impossible to meet the demands of the final product…
ZLPG Series Spray For Chinese Traditional Medicine Extract
Descriptions: Spray dryer for Chinese traditional medicine is suitable for drying the Chinese traditional medi…
LZG Series Centrifugal Spray Granulation Drier
Descriptions: This machine is suitable for the centrifugal granules such as electronic ceramic material,alumina,…
PPG series Stratospheric Spray Dryer
Descriptions: The liquid or paste raw material is spraid into minuty liquid drop by pressed spraier draw ass…
XSG Series Rotating Drier
Descriptions: XSG series roating drier is developed by company,and its’techinology is based on advance techinolo…
JZL Series Extruding Granulating Machine
Descriptions: The machine is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry,chemical industry,solid drink industry an…
YK Series Swaying Granulator
Descriptions: This machine is special equipment.Under the action of clockwise and counterclock wise rotation of roller,damp powder mi…
Model SZH Double Tapered Mixer
Principle: hrough the vacuum conveyor for the machine,send the powder or grain state materials into the double-taper container,or se…
Model VI Forced Stirring Mixer
Descriptions: Our researched and manufactured Model V1 Forced Stirring Mixer on the basis of absorbing abroad high technology. This …
SYH Series Three Dimens Mixer
Principle: During the period of operation,because the mixing drum has multi-directional actions of motion,it speeds up the fluid and …
Model WDH Series Horizontal R ibbon Mixer
Descriptions: This machine is composed of container,screw stiring paddles and transitional parts;the screw paddle are genrally ma…
WC Series mult-Layer penetration mesh-belt drie
Descriptions: DWC series band through flow dier aree widly used in diedls of food,agriculture products and by-products,dehydrated vegeta…
DWD Series Mesh-Belt Drier
Principle: The materials are uniforely put on the mesh-belt by the material charger,The mesh-belt uses generally 12-60 mesh stainless st…
HZG Series Rotaing Barrel Dryer
Descriptions: After the damp raw material is put into drier from on end,it is truned over through string-up rake inside the cylind…
SZG Series Double Tapered Vacuum Drier
Descriptions: Double cone roating vacuum dryer is a new dryer that integrates mixing and drying in the one body and equies with co…
FG Sertes Vertical Fluidizing Dryer
Application: The machine is main used for drying powder or granules fore phar maceutical,foodstuff,chemical and so on industrie…
ZLG Sectlinear Vibrating-Fluidied Dryer
Descriptions: The dryer is suitable in chemical industry,light industry,pharmaceutical,food,plastic,oil,suger and on,for dryi…
OG、FG、GFF、JG Stream Drie
Descriptions: ir strem drying is also called insyantaneous drying.It is used in pharmaceutocal industry,chemical industry from …
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